Welcome to Martí & Solutions


Marti & Solutions is a young and dynamic company with the idea of giving a quick and efficient solution to everyday or sporadic incidents that arise in the private life or company development. 
Satisfaction and defence of the interests of the client is the objetive of Martí & Solutions, all supported by the expertise of the professionals who make up the firm, lawyers, economists, social graduates, and administrative staff

For Martí & Solutions, diligence, loyalty and ethics are the assumptions on which our relationship with clients is based. The search for quality is an obsession and overcoming, the engine of our growth and innovative spirit. A way of work that has made us creditors of the confidence of all and every one of our customers.

Our professionals, the best asset of Martí & Solutions, have led to the firm to achieve these large numbers and a solid business model. So our firmest commitment is the permanent training of experts and the significant allocation of resources to achieve a greater and better technological capabilities of the services we provide you.

We invite you to know the world Martí & Solutions. Welcome



Let your imagination fly, don´t put any limit to your needs, as an example and a non limited list, Martí & Solutions can offer you services like Property Management, accounting, labouring, Law, administration etc.