Juan Carlos Martí , Economist, Master degree in Taxation, Company Management Technician, he can resolve the doubts that could arise you, meet the tax requirements until it occur, establish the lines of action appropriate to your interests and reliable.

  • Corporation tax
  • Heritage tax
  • Statement of income
  • Tax resources.
  • Licensing of activities.


Rafael D. Martí, Lawyer qualified in the illustrious College of lawyers of Madrid 88595 and in the Illustrious College of lawyers of Illes Balears 5.983, Master in law, Graduate in Labour relations, having overcome the tests of Professional Aptitude, He can attend each incident in the field legal and labour that occurs, giving you the best options to raise assumptions, solving the problem as quick at is possible, agile and effective.

  • Procedure of separation, divorce, guardianship.
  • Evictions and income claims.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Procedures of invalidity, disability.
  • Assistance to the detainee trials fouls, speedy trials...
  • Company incorporation.


Pilar Martí, Master in Marketing and Sales, She can adjusted  your corporate image and techniques of market to the intricate global market, do not leave any details aside from his performance!
  • Corporate image.
  • Picture book.
  • Marketing Plan.


Rafael Sampol, Graduate in Labouring Relations, High Tecnician  Degree in Prevention of Labouring Risks.Don´t spend time and money, every staff need to be safe and in an ergonomy place  to generate your products as efficiency like you will desire.